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Welcome! MyInsuranceInfo is an insurance verification service that partners with your financial institution to make sure your collateral is properly insured. Every day, we help thousands of people verify their insurance coverage through the simple and secure MyInsuranceInfo portal.

When you take out a loan, your financial institution requires you to have a certain amount of insurance coverage. MyInsuranceInfo is an easy way to verify if you have sufficient coverage on that loan by allowing you to submit your insurance information online, on your own time.

You’re probably here because of a notice from your financial institution asking you to address a problem with your insurance coverage. MyInsuranceInfo is here to help you resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Here’s exactly what you can expect from this verification process.

Step 1: Gather your documents

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To properly verify your insurance coverage, you will need to have a few important documents:

  • The notice from your financial institution. On this document (either received in the mail or via email), you will find your unique reference ID. This document will also specify the piece of collateral (car, home, boat, RV, etc.) in question.
  • Insurance Policy Documents. We will need your insurance carrier name, policy number, the policy’s effective date, the deductible amount(s), and the name of the financial institution that is listed as the lienholder for the collateral. All of this information can be found on the declarations page of your insurance policy documents.

Step 2: Provide Basic Insurance Information

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In a guided workflow that takes about 5 minutes, you will be asked to provide the information from those documents into the secure MyInsuranceInfo portal. The goal is to update your lender with the most up-to-date information about your insurance.

Step 3: Review and Submit

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Once you’ve reviewed and submitted your information, your job is done. You will receive an email confirmation that your information was properly submitted, then MyInsuranceInfo will get to work updating your information on your loan.

You will receive another email 2-3 business days after you’ve submitted your information, letting you know whether everything was taken care of, or if there are additional steps required.


MyInsuranceInfo is here to help you make sure you have sufficient insurance coverage for your home, vehicle, RV, or other valuable collateral. Our platform allows you to submit your information without wasting precious time waiting to speak to someone and allows you to do it on your own time. By completing the simple, 5-minute verification process, you can be sure you are properly covered, and your financial institution has your up-to-date insurance information.

Still have questions? Don’t worry, we can help. Chat with an agent or give us a call to get the answers you need.

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© 2021 Allied Solutions, LLC. All rights reserved.